Friday, September 17, 2010

What if Cows gave Rootbeer instead of Milk?

Well gee if cows gave rootbeer instead of milk, then i guess we'd all have really soft bones and teeth.  So people would have to get fake teeth when they turn like 12.  So the denture companies would make lots of money.  But then the ice cream would be root beer flavored.  The cheese would be root beer flavored.  Cottage cheese and yogurt and butter too! 

It would be a really strange world then......and I wonder would milk be like a treat more?  Except milk is kinda like a treat cuz i like it lots. 

And a rootbeer float would be reversed!!!!  You'd have milk with rootbeer ice cream...........weird!

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  1. oh and i forgot to say that i saw my grandpa's dentures once in a glass on the sink. Only thing was, I never knew he had fake teeths! So it was kinda horrifying. And plus I found my uncle's wooden leg in my closet once when he was staying over......fake body parts can really freak you out when you dont expect them!