Friday, October 1, 2010

Why did I choose Oceanside

I picked to come to Oceanside because Miss Nevy was coming here.  She is the first teacher I ever had and she is so nice.  She always gives me tons of love.  She always tells me I can do it, and I found out I really can do stuff I didnt think I could do. So when I heard Miss Nevy was coming here, I came too. 

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One time when I was frightened

I was just talking to my mommy about this before class.  This about when I been scared in reals when I was around my sl age.  My daddy was not a nice man.  He was always wanting me to be tougher.  I cried too easy and I loved the animals on the farm too much.  He tried to make me tougher in lots of ways.  Some of it was helping to butcher the animals.  Some of it was hard work type stuff.  Some of it was stuff I will only share with really really close family (and by family I mean my sl family, which is the only healthy family love I've known).  Some of it was hitting and pushing type stuff.  But the scariest, the really really scariest, was when I had to stay in the cellar all night.  I figured I might get dead down there.  There were snakes and spiders.  It was way way scary in there.  Sometimes I could hear my dog sniffing around up at the vents, looking for me.  It was a scary place.  I dont like cellars or basements at all now.  I wont go in them.  I dream about them.  My therapist says, secrets lose power in the telling.  So this is my telling.  Thank you for listening. :)

Monday, September 27, 2010

What I like about Halloween

Halloween is a time when you can be whatever you want. You can be scary, and if you arent usully a tough kid, then it kinda makes you feel less shy.  N also if you BE somethin scary, it kinda makes scary stuff less scary for kids who gets scared a lot.  N also you can be anything else too. You can go to big carnivals for fun or to big haunted houses for scary fun.  You can go around to all the houses and ring the bell and say "trick or treat" and they HAVE to give you candy.  Unless their light is off.  Then you dont go there cuz some people dont selberates Halloween.   Also, if you live where I do in the South, then they won't let you do Halloween on Sunday, if it come on Sunday you gots to do it on Saturday insteads. Cuz I think it says so in the bible or somethin.

Monday, September 20, 2010

things I learned in Miss Nevy's class

I learned that in Brazil there is a special grasslands and it is no good for farmland but they want to clear it anyway for some dumb reason.  I learned that I can build pretty good, sorta!  I learned that Miss Nevy will be there for me even when a lot of other people won't be (but some will be).  I learned that it's hard to do class when im doing rl homework with an 8 year old.  I learned that Miss Nevy likes broccoli cheese soup. 

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What does August remind you of

I did this on a nc before i had the blog ready, but i will do it here again.

For Aug 23.

The month of August makes me think of school starting.  It's HOOOOTTTT and I know there will be no recess for a while.  School supplies are for sale and I know we won't find all we need yet.  School clothes are out on the racks and I dont get any new ones this year.  And then there's lunches and backpacks and shoes and snacks and quick dinners because we have such less time.  That's what August makes me think about.

If I were a mouse in my house what would I see in the evening

This is for Sept 13.

If I were a mouse in my house, I wouldnt see very much.  Mainly cuz we are always gone in the evening.  Mommy works in lots of clubs, and when I am not in school I go with her.  The other days I am in school and she works also.  My sister Faith lives in Australia, so isnt on in sl evening.  My brother Gus lives in England and goes to bed pretty early in sl time.  My brother Skyler is usually with his starfleet stuff.  My sister Karsen is still in the hospital most of the time, but she is home on weekends now! My sister Becky models and .....well I dont know what else all she does.  So if a mouse were in our house on the evenings, he wouldnt see much. 

If I could be any animal what would I be

this is for Sept 1.

If I coudl be any animal i would be a rabbit.  Rabbit is my animal totem.  Rabbit stays very still and quiet when there is danger.  Rabbit doesnt hurt anyone.  Rabbit lives in the cool dark underground.  Rabbit has one power to thwart his enemies with and that is the art of escape.  He is very very good at escaping.  I would be a rabbit if I were not a neko.

Friday, September 17, 2010

What if Cows gave Rootbeer instead of Milk?

Well gee if cows gave rootbeer instead of milk, then i guess we'd all have really soft bones and teeth.  So people would have to get fake teeth when they turn like 12.  So the denture companies would make lots of money.  But then the ice cream would be root beer flavored.  The cheese would be root beer flavored.  Cottage cheese and yogurt and butter too! 

It would be a really strange world then......and I wonder would milk be like a treat more?  Except milk is kinda like a treat cuz i like it lots. 

And a rootbeer float would be reversed!!!!  You'd have milk with rootbeer ice cream...........weird!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Top 5 Favorite Things About Fall

Okay, this is Cade's Top 5 list of Fall:

NUMBER 5.............drumrollllllllllll...............jackets and sweaters

NUMBER 4..............maple leaves.  Those about the only ones turn colors here, but they so pretty all yellow n orange n purple.

NUMBER 3..............soup!  Lobster bisque and broccoli cheese are my favorites.  But I like tomato with milk, cream of mushroom, potato, chicken soup with rice and chicken soup with home made noodles.


and Cade's NUMBER 1 favorite thing about Fall is.....................HALLOWEEN and TRICK OR TREAT!!!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010

what Septemer reminds me of

Septemer reminds me of woods. Well Septemer has a Sept on it and that makes me think of the Slytherins in Harry but I dont zackly know why.  And then it has emer and that makes me think of a poet named ralph waldo emerson.  And he wrote some poem about going through some woods.  And that makes me think of the woods at my house when i was a rl kid.  I useta go wander in them for a long time so no one could find me.  And sometimes I would read there.  And sometimes I would stay there in the dark.  The woods are safe. And that's how Septemer reminds me of woods.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

What would happen if chillern ruled the world

First off, the world would be a whole heck of a lot nicer, cuz i dont know about you, but most the drama makers seem to be the upgrowns to me.  And then, we would have MUCH MORE candy.  And cookies and cupcakes and cake and pudding and ice creams too.  Well it would be kinda like the sims that are run by the kids.  Ever been to those?  Is all kindsa goodies and fun and lotsa colors and free stuff.  So it would be a much nicer world I think.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Tundra Biome

This is my report on the Tundra biome.  There are six biomes in the world.  There is the desert, the tundra, the forest, the grasslands, fresh water and marine.  This is about the tundra.  The tundra is a desert..  NOOOO not a dessert!  A desert.  I know that sounds funny, but is cuz it doesnt get much rain.  Like a desert.  It's just a frozen desert.  It has some ground taht is called permafrost.  That's cuz it is always frosted...........NOOOOO not like a frozen ice.  The plants in the tundra are very very small so as to keep warm.  they have dark leaves so they will heat up better from the sun.  The animals have lots of fur and fat to keep warm.  The animals have small ears and small tails so they can keep them close to their body to keep warm. That is what the tundra is like. 

Quality that describes my life

A quality that describes my life would be pain.  Hurting has been a part of my life as far back as i can remember.  Sometimes I wonder how much of it is my fault.  I wonder if I could be different would I hurt so much.  Sometimes I worry that I hurt others as much as they hurt me.  Sometimes I hate myself for that. I have a good heart.  But sometimes it doesnt show.  Well, lots.  I dont let many people in.  Even after they are in I push away a lot.  Sometimes I wonder if my pain is all my fault.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Why is it important to save endangered species

Well, mostly is important to save endangered species cuz mostly we the ones that endangered them in the first place.  So we have to help to fix some of the mess we made.  I didnt do it, but its still up to me to help.  Sometimes though, a species is endangered because it cant change.  That has been happening forever and will keep happening . It makes way for new species.  Sometimes, we have to let them go.

Friday, August 27, 2010

People taking advantage

When people take advantage of other people it means they use them for what they wants.  So they might act like they your friend but they really just want somethng from you.  So like if they be nice to you and then tell you they have money trouble and then you send them some money and then they dont talk to you no more and are mean then they just took advantage of you.  I think that is very bad of them.  I think they are good people, but they are making wrong choices and hurting other people.  I hope none of you ever get thatg done to you cuz it feels real bad and makes you cry.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

If I Could Pick any Superpower

I would be the incredible healing Neko boy if I could pick any super power to have.  I would go all over and heal all the sick people.  I wouldnt want them to know it was me though, cuz of being famous would get in the way of my job.  I imagine would be hard to get to everybody thoughs, so maybe i better be a little bit famous so i can get free plane tickets and stuff.  Anyways, that is what my superpower would be.