Monday, September 27, 2010

What I like about Halloween

Halloween is a time when you can be whatever you want. You can be scary, and if you arent usully a tough kid, then it kinda makes you feel less shy.  N also if you BE somethin scary, it kinda makes scary stuff less scary for kids who gets scared a lot.  N also you can be anything else too. You can go to big carnivals for fun or to big haunted houses for scary fun.  You can go around to all the houses and ring the bell and say "trick or treat" and they HAVE to give you candy.  Unless their light is off.  Then you dont go there cuz some people dont selberates Halloween.   Also, if you live where I do in the South, then they won't let you do Halloween on Sunday, if it come on Sunday you gots to do it on Saturday insteads. Cuz I think it says so in the bible or somethin.

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