Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions from first day with miss brooke

What was the coolest thing you learned about somebody?

Well, I learned real quick who was the boys n who the girls.  cuz the boys talk bout farts n stuff.  Those girls talk bout......i dunno, i kinda drift off when girls talk.  Cept for Peanut cuz her aint like the other girls.  But cept I already knew her cool stuff.  I think the coolest was findin out Kenzi gots a twin brother. 

What made it cool?

Cuz I known Kenzi for a really really long a whole year I think, and I not knowed that the whole time.  Cuz Kenzi is real quiet and she said that too but I knowed that.

What do you hope to get from this class?

Well, I wanna get friends.  I got some, but I would like some more.  Im little scared tho cuz miss brooke sound real tough.  So I also wanna get her to like me. 

What do you wanna learn about Egypt?

I know some stuff.  I know bout false pyramids an d real ones.  I know bout why n how they make mummies.  I know bout how ruling went n stuff.  I know there was a gay ruler and I learn about why they think he was gay.  I know too why them got animal heads on their statues.  I also know them found bones that showed that rheumatoid arthritis was present way  back then.  I know them write in hieroglyphs.  I know there was a kid ruler too and how he died.

 ..........I guess I dont know much bout them daily life.  What about them kids? what bout birthdays n holidays?  what them do?  what bout what them eat?  what bout if the kids had school ore their parents teached them? when was them asidered upgrown?  did them kids work? did them has toys?  how many kids did them usally have? did lots kids die afored them upgrown? what them die of? did them ever mummify kids?  did them parents love them kids?  did them kicks them out sometime?  did thems adopt? 

Friday, April 8, 2011

Favorite childhood memory

I aint writin nothin here, cuz of i cant.  I wish we had a choosing of topics to do, cuz it aint fair stuff like this one.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Why do I like animals?

I like animals because they dont talk.  They are really quiet most of the time and I like to be quiet too.  Lotsa people say animals are nice, but they aint always nice either.  Just like people, some are grumpy and some make no sense and stuff like that.  But only they dont tell you in words, they tell you by how they act.   Also, animals dont lie.  Whatever they feel, you know.  That's why I like animals.

If I could be invisibles what would i do?

Wow!  If I could be invisible I would go into the toy store and wait til it closed. And then I would play with all the toys I wanted!  I could open any of them!  I could play video games too!  I would play all night long.  That would be super ultra cool.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Who is your best friend, why and what do you do with them?

I got some good friends.  My best one is Taz Siamendes......or whatever her last name is now.  She's my friend cuz she cares about me.  She listens to me.  She likes me.  I like her.  We been in the same class for a long time.  I meeted her fishing tho.  Well we fished together for a wihle. Sometimes we just hanged out.  She teached me about flurbils.  I'm sad she aint gonna be in my class no more.  That's my best place to see her regular.  I guess she was too sad.  I wanna talk to her bouts it.  Not to try to make her come cuz thats her choice, but just to see if she's ok.

From March 30--If you can invite two famous people over who are they and what woudl you do

Well, one has to be Elvis Presley.  Cuz I went to his concert and he threw me his purple scarf.  The other can be Ronald McDonald.  I would put them in a boxing ring and have them fight.  I want to see if Ronald McDonald can move around with those big feet.  I bet Elvis wins.  I think Ronald McDonald is a big ole crybaby when he isnt on tv.

Monday, March 7, 2011


Hippopotamusesusesusesuses live in Africa.  They spend all day in the water, and come up out of it at night to eat graass. Hippo..........ok, i'll just say hippos.......don't like people.  They will attack just becauses.  Hippos are related to whales and dolphins but not to pigs like a lot of people think.  Hippos breathe air, and come up to breathe air automatically even if they are asleep.  Hippos have one baby a year, and take very good care of babies.  Hippos protect their babies very good.  Hippos are the third biggest animal after elephants and rhinoceroses.  Hippos have huge teeth.  I saw hippos on our trip to Africa. Here is a picture i took. I had to stand way far away so the mommy wouldnt get mad at me being by her baby.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you could design a type o f ice cream what would be in it and what would you cal it

Okay if i could design my own ice cream, it would have mouses in it.  It would also have fishes in it.  Mouses and fishes are so yummy.  I would take out the bones tho.  It would maybe have ummmmmm tuna and dolphin in it.  I would call it Kickin' Seafood Supreme. 

My favorite sim

Well.  I woulda said home if you asked me last week.  Now i cant go home.  I dunno if ever i can again.  I found a buncha neat sims when mom n papa asked me to so the family could do stuff.  Now I guess they'll do it all withut me.  I found another disney sim.  I took Mom to see.  We did one ride but saved the rest for when we came back with family.  Now I guess they'll do that without me too.  I guess i dont have one cuz everywhere reminds me of my family and i just wanna go home.

Sunday, February 27, 2011


Silence is insidious
invading every fiber of my being
crushing the life from me
til I lie like a broken puppet on the floor
silence breeds silence
its son crushes out my liveliness
its daughter crushes my laughter
silence takes away my very will to live
to fight
silence tells me not to eat
silence tells me not to sleep
silence tells me to give up
to lie down and die
this is how silence creates more silence
this is silence's procreation
in the end i am a shell
tears long since cried out
mind long since silenced
no thought
no wishes, dreams or hopes
just silence

Saturday, February 26, 2011

What would i do if i found bugs onmy salad.

If i found bugs in my salad i wouldnt care.  because i amnot eating anymore.  so if i even had a salad, i wouldnt care if bugs were on it. 

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Really Bugs Me

Hmmm, mostly stuff tends to hurt me more than bug me, but let's see.  Apostrophes where they dont belong really bug n my brother call them random apostrophes.  When you talking and talking and someone respond with something about them, like you never said nothin, that sorta bugs me.  When people accuse or assume without knowin or just jumpin to conclusions......that bugs me.  When people DONT BELIEVE ME, ok that REALLY bugs me, and can set me off into a horrible funk or a bad temper.  Oooh and when people dont like me.  That BUGS the SNOT outta me.  I have a hard time accepting that sometimes people just arent gonna like me, and it doesnt mean i did nothin wrong or im bad, they just workin on that.  Favoritism bugs me too, even if im a favorite.

Monday, February 21, 2011

My Favorite Time of Day

My Favorite Time of Day is evening, cuz then my whole family is around, and sometimes i get to see them.  I like to go to work with my mom, or hang out with my sister and check on my horses.  I like the very end of the day when mom tucks me in and i get hugs n kisses.  Then I like to go to sleep while I looking out my window, is peaceful and nice.

Friday, February 18, 2011

One bit of advice

The one bit of advice I would give:  Do it while you can.  Whatever it is, do it now.  Do it while you can.  School, dancing, hiking, a it now.  I did a lot that I am so glad I did not wait to do.  Yet I waited on some things I wish I had done, as now I will not do them.   You never know when your health will fail or someone else's, when an accident can change your life, when someone will never be there again........anything can happen, anytime,and you are not immune.  Do it while you can.