Wednesday, September 29, 2010

One time when I was frightened

I was just talking to my mommy about this before class.  This about when I been scared in reals when I was around my sl age.  My daddy was not a nice man.  He was always wanting me to be tougher.  I cried too easy and I loved the animals on the farm too much.  He tried to make me tougher in lots of ways.  Some of it was helping to butcher the animals.  Some of it was hard work type stuff.  Some of it was stuff I will only share with really really close family (and by family I mean my sl family, which is the only healthy family love I've known).  Some of it was hitting and pushing type stuff.  But the scariest, the really really scariest, was when I had to stay in the cellar all night.  I figured I might get dead down there.  There were snakes and spiders.  It was way way scary in there.  Sometimes I could hear my dog sniffing around up at the vents, looking for me.  It was a scary place.  I dont like cellars or basements at all now.  I wont go in them.  I dream about them.  My therapist says, secrets lose power in the telling.  So this is my telling.  Thank you for listening. :)

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  1. That is a very sad story, Cade, and I am so sorry it happened. I hope the day will come when you can walk into a cellar and say "Meh!" But there is no need to spend the night in one :P