Monday, September 6, 2010

Tundra Biome

This is my report on the Tundra biome.  There are six biomes in the world.  There is the desert, the tundra, the forest, the grasslands, fresh water and marine.  This is about the tundra.  The tundra is a desert..  NOOOO not a dessert!  A desert.  I know that sounds funny, but is cuz it doesnt get much rain.  Like a desert.  It's just a frozen desert.  It has some ground taht is called permafrost.  That's cuz it is always frosted...........NOOOOO not like a frozen ice.  The plants in the tundra are very very small so as to keep warm.  they have dark leaves so they will heat up better from the sun.  The animals have lots of fur and fat to keep warm.  The animals have small ears and small tails so they can keep them close to their body to keep warm. That is what the tundra is like. 

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