Sunday, September 19, 2010

If I were a mouse in my house what would I see in the evening

This is for Sept 13.

If I were a mouse in my house, I wouldnt see very much.  Mainly cuz we are always gone in the evening.  Mommy works in lots of clubs, and when I am not in school I go with her.  The other days I am in school and she works also.  My sister Faith lives in Australia, so isnt on in sl evening.  My brother Gus lives in England and goes to bed pretty early in sl time.  My brother Skyler is usually with his starfleet stuff.  My sister Karsen is still in the hospital most of the time, but she is home on weekends now! My sister Becky models and .....well I dont know what else all she does.  So if a mouse were in our house on the evenings, he wouldnt see much. 

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