Monday, March 7, 2011


Hippopotamusesusesusesuses live in Africa.  They spend all day in the water, and come up out of it at night to eat graass. Hippo..........ok, i'll just say hippos.......don't like people.  They will attack just becauses.  Hippos are related to whales and dolphins but not to pigs like a lot of people think.  Hippos breathe air, and come up to breathe air automatically even if they are asleep.  Hippos have one baby a year, and take very good care of babies.  Hippos protect their babies very good.  Hippos are the third biggest animal after elephants and rhinoceroses.  Hippos have huge teeth.  I saw hippos on our trip to Africa. Here is a picture i took. I had to stand way far away so the mommy wouldnt get mad at me being by her baby.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

If you could design a type o f ice cream what would be in it and what would you cal it

Okay if i could design my own ice cream, it would have mouses in it.  It would also have fishes in it.  Mouses and fishes are so yummy.  I would take out the bones tho.  It would maybe have ummmmmm tuna and dolphin in it.  I would call it Kickin' Seafood Supreme. 

My favorite sim

Well.  I woulda said home if you asked me last week.  Now i cant go home.  I dunno if ever i can again.  I found a buncha neat sims when mom n papa asked me to so the family could do stuff.  Now I guess they'll do it all withut me.  I found another disney sim.  I took Mom to see.  We did one ride but saved the rest for when we came back with family.  Now I guess they'll do that without me too.  I guess i dont have one cuz everywhere reminds me of my family and i just wanna go home.