Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Questions from first day with miss brooke

What was the coolest thing you learned about somebody?

Well, I learned real quick who was the boys n who the girls.  cuz the boys talk bout farts n stuff.  Those girls talk bout......i dunno, i kinda drift off when girls talk.  Cept for Peanut cuz her aint like the other girls.  But cept I already knew her cool stuff.  I think the coolest was findin out Kenzi gots a twin brother. 

What made it cool?

Cuz I known Kenzi for a really really long a whole year I think, and I not knowed that the whole time.  Cuz Kenzi is real quiet and she said that too but I knowed that.

What do you hope to get from this class?

Well, I wanna get friends.  I got some, but I would like some more.  Im little scared tho cuz miss brooke sound real tough.  So I also wanna get her to like me. 

What do you wanna learn about Egypt?

I know some stuff.  I know bout false pyramids an d real ones.  I know bout why n how they make mummies.  I know bout how ruling went n stuff.  I know there was a gay ruler and I learn about why they think he was gay.  I know too why them got animal heads on their statues.  I also know them found bones that showed that rheumatoid arthritis was present way  back then.  I know them write in hieroglyphs.  I know there was a kid ruler too and how he died.

 ..........I guess I dont know much bout them daily life.  What about them kids? what bout birthdays n holidays?  what them do?  what bout what them eat?  what bout if the kids had school ore their parents teached them? when was them asidered upgrown?  did them kids work? did them has toys?  how many kids did them usally have? did lots kids die afored them upgrown? what them die of? did them ever mummify kids?  did them parents love them kids?  did them kicks them out sometime?  did thems adopt? 

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