Wednesday, February 23, 2011

What Really Bugs Me

Hmmm, mostly stuff tends to hurt me more than bug me, but let's see.  Apostrophes where they dont belong really bug n my brother call them random apostrophes.  When you talking and talking and someone respond with something about them, like you never said nothin, that sorta bugs me.  When people accuse or assume without knowin or just jumpin to conclusions......that bugs me.  When people DONT BELIEVE ME, ok that REALLY bugs me, and can set me off into a horrible funk or a bad temper.  Oooh and when people dont like me.  That BUGS the SNOT outta me.  I have a hard time accepting that sometimes people just arent gonna like me, and it doesnt mean i did nothin wrong or im bad, they just workin on that.  Favoritism bugs me too, even if im a favorite.

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